Top 5 Best Harness For English Bulldog Editor’s Review


A good harness can completely change your walking experience with your bulldog. The traditional way is putting a collar. Sometimes collar is harmful to dog health. Sometimes the collar demotivates your dog to follow you. To solve these problems you should use the best harness for an english bulldog or for a french bull dog. If you choose the best harness for your bulldog then traveling with your dog will be fun and enjoyable.

We are going to review these English bulldog harnesses.

So What Should You Look For In a Bulldog Harness?

  • A Bulldog harness should have adequate padding for comfort and to avoid rubbing.
  • It should also be strong and durable to cope with your bulldog’s muscular physique.
  • If your bulldog has a tendency to pull when you’re out walking, a front clip harness would be the best solution. A front clip harness doesn’t allow your dog to pull because if he or she tries, having the lead at the front means that your dog will be automatically turned to the side toward you. Of course, once your dog has done this a few times, you’ll find that he will happily walk at your side even without the leash being attached at the front.
  • The harness should also be adjustable to enable a perfect fit so that it doesn’t rub and cause discomfort. A harness that moves around on your dog risks chaffing which is something you want to avoid so a snug fit is very important.
  • Make sure your bulldog harness is made from a fairly lightweight and breathable fabric as Bulldogs have a tendency to overheat. This is because dogs tend to cool down by panting as they don’t have sweat glands like humans do. Bulldogs with their shorter noses have much more difficulty in cooling themselves down.
  • The leash anchor needs to be tough as Bulldogs have a lot of strength and muscle which will cause strain on the anchor if it’s not at least double-stitched. Plus if your dog lunges forward you want to ensure that the leash anchor will hold. A harness which has a handle can be quite useful for this too if your dog has a tendency to lunge at other animals or distractions while you’re out walking.

We reviewed quite a number of harnesses and chose the following five as being suitable for your English, American or French bulldog.


Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

It’s a well-constructed harness with the added advantage of a front lead attachment for those dogs that like to pull and need a little more control. This is also ideal for training sessions. The chest and belly panels are padded to add further comfort for your dog.

  • Available in 10 colors including bright pink and orange and 5 sizes.
  • The harness has 4 points of adjustment to ensure a perfect fit.
  • The chest and belly panels are padded for added comfort.
  • Two secure Leash attachment points including an aluminum V-ring on the back and reinforced webbing on the front of the harness.
  • The harness also has reflective trim for nighttime walks.
  • There’s a handy ID pocket to store dog tags.
  • It’s easy to put on and take off.

Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Best English Bulldog Harness


  • This harness won’t constrict the neck area.
  • It’s easy to put on by slipping over the head, bringing it to the chest and then clipping up the straps.
  • A great harness to use for dogs who like to pull.
  • The extra padding on the belly panel avoids rubbing your dog’s skin.
  • Ideal for Bulldogs as their thick necks won’t allow them to slip out of it.


  • This harness does not have a handle on the back.

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Dean and Tyler DT Dog Harness

This harness is both lightweight and durable. It’s easy to put on and take off and comes in a variety of sizes so would suit all bulldog breeds.

  • Made from strong nylon lightweight fabric.
  • The harness is easy to put on.
  • The straps are easily adjustable.
  • The harness has a convenient heavy-duty stitched handle.
  • This harness has not 1 but 3 heavy-duty D-rings for attaching the leash to.
  • There is also an easy-release buckle so it’s easy to take off.
  • The reflective trim makes the harness safe for walking at night.

Dean and Tyler Best English BullDog Harness



  • Due to its lightweight construction it will not rub on your dog or cause chafing.
  • The handle makes it easy to lift your dog if you need to as it aligns with the chest strap and lifts the chest area and the front legs, therefore, putting no pressure on the neck.
  • The fabric and stitching are durable and strong.
  • Tough enough to allow full control of your dog even if he or she lunges forward especially with the addition of the handle.
  • The harness does not constrict around the neck as the pressure is on the chest and the abdomen which is perfect for a bulldog as a lot of their strength is in their chest.
  • It clips up easily under the belly so your dog does not need to step into it.
  • Can be left on even for off-leash play and it’s easy to grab your dog with the handle if you have to.
  • The harness is padded for comfort.


  • Your dog can back out of the harness if it is not adjusted correctly or fitted snugly.
  • Sizing tend to run a little large.
  • Little expensive than other models.

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Julius K9 IDC Powerharness

This is a sturdy, well-made harness with extra padding for comfort. It’s super easy to put on and tough enough for even the strongest dog. It loops around the chest and clips up under the belly. A great harness for any bulldog as it comes in 9 adjustable sizes and does not constrict around the neck.

  • Available in 15 great colors and 9 adjustable sizes.
  • The harness has no movement restrictions so your dog can walk, run and play freely.
  • It has a convenient handle for easy control of your dog.
  • There is reflective tape on the chest belt, edges, and tags.
  • A loop on top can hold a mini flashlight.
  • The chest belt and girth belt are fully adjustable.
  • It can fit all bulldog sizes so is the perfect harness for your French bulldog as well as the larger English and American bulldogs.

Julias K9 Power Harness for english bulldog



  • If your dog starts to pull you can gently lift the front legs using the handle. This gives you the ultimate control and safety when out walking.
  • Great to use as a restraint in the car if you clip a seat belt adapter onto the D-ring.
  • Causes no restriction around the neck area.
  • Reduces pulling.
  • You can replace the patches with custom made ones as they are attached with Velcro.
  • You can even get saddle bags to attach to the sides of the harness which is great for long walks or hikes.


  • The Velcro front strap adjustment is on the inside so you have to take the harness off to adjust it.
  • Price is little high.

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Beirui Leather Dog Harness

This lovely soft leather harness has all the strength and durability that you need for a bulldog harness. Leash attachment is via 2 chromed heavy-duty D-rings so you can be assured that your dog will be nice and secure.

You can’t beat leather for strength and durability. This harness is specially designed for dogs with wide chests so it’s absolutely ideal harness for English Bulldogs. And let’s face it, Bulldogs look great in leather!

  • Available in 2 sizes, small and medium.
  • It has 3 adjustable straps which buckle up like a belt so they’re very secure.
  • The 2 D-rings for leash attachment are threaded onto the belly strap on the back so you won’t need to worry about any stitching coming undone.
  • The soft leather will be extremely comfortable on your dog and won’t rub.
  • It’s very simple to put on and take off.

Beirui Leather Dog Harness



  • This is harness is a wide fitting so it’s ideal for your bulldog as it won’t restrict movement or constrict the neck area.
  • The soft leather is comfortable on your dog.
  • The leash attachment is very secure.


  • It doesn’t have a handle like some of the other harnesses but with the secure leash attachment you’ll have no problem keeping your dog under control.

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Best Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness

Another great harness which also has a front leash attachment for dogs who pull. It has two clips for fastening making it super easy to put on and take off. The soft padding provides extra comfort for your dog as well.

With its extra padding and mesh lining, this harness would be ideal for your bulldog. As the front strap is adjustable, it won’t constrict around your dog’s neck. It’s very easy to put on and is also ideal for traveling in the car to keep your dog nice and secure.

  • Available in 7 colors and 5 sizes so is suitable for any bulldog breed.
  • The outer material of the harness is scratch-resistant Oxford which is extra strong and durable.
  • The harness also has a mesh lining which is great for breathability and soft sponge padding in the chest and belly areas.
  • The adjustable straps are made from nylon webbing with reflective stitching which is excellent for walking at night.
  • There’s also a handle on the back which gives you greater control over your dog.
  • There are 2 leash attachment points – one on the back which is an aluminum V-ring and the other is on the front and consists of reinforced webbing.

Best Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness



  • The padding in the chest and belly provides additional comfort for your dog.
  • It can be used to secure your dog while traveling in the car using either a seat belt adapter or actually looping the seat belt through the handle.
  • The front strap is adjustable so will not constrict your bulldog’s neck.
  • The mesh lining allows for extra breath-ability meaning your bulldog won’t get overheated.
  • Very easy to put on – just slip over your dog’s head and do up the buckles around your dog’s girth.


  • The adjustable straps may have a tendency to slip. If this happens just thread the ends back through the buckle and they should hold secure.
  • Sizes tend to run small.

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Measuring Your Dog

It’s really important to measure your dog before choosing the size of your harness to ensure that you get a nice snug fit. Most harness sizes are based on three measurements:

  • Girth – Measure your dog’s girth by starting 1 – 2 inches behind the front legs and measure the circumference of your dog’s rib cage.
  • Chest Width – Because the chest strap intersects the girth, start the measurement at one side of the girth and measure around your dog’s chest to the other side. This measurement needs to be a comfortable distance below the throat.
  • Neck Circumference – This is measured at the base of your dog’s neck.

Some harness sizes also take into account the weight of your dog but if in doubt always use the above measurements rather than just relying on your dog’s weight. This will mean that you will get the correct harness size for your bulldog. This will ensure a comfortable fit and avoid any possibility of the harness rubbing on your dog’s skin.

If your dog is between sizes it is recommended that you choose the larger size as all of these harnesses are adjustable.

So let’s see if all these harnesses meet the necessary requirements of the perfect bulldog harness.

Harness Vs Collar

It’s an ongoing debate on harness vs collar. The question is, which one is best for your dog. It’s not a one line answer. Because both harness and collar are best for a specific purpose. But from our research, we found that harness is best for Bulldogs in many angels. We’ll explain why.

Comfort: Comfort of your English bulldog is always a high priority. Because of the mood, happiness depends on comfort. A collar is always not comfortable for your bulldog. Sometimes, by pulling your dog can get hurt on his neck when you are using a collar.

But the harness distributes the pressure through the front or rear body and free throat and neck area. As a result, it minimizes the possibility of getting hurt.

A harness doesn’t let your dog feel bounded. It gives the dog more power and strength. A perfect harness for English bulldog can completely change your dog’s mood.

Control Over Bulldog: To gain maximum control a harness is best. Collar can’t give you that level of control. The harness discourages your English Bulldog to pull. You can hold the leash tight when attached to a harness. Because no way to get hurt on the collar. So, you get the full control over your dog’s behavior.

It’s very effective during modern training.

Safety: A harness keeps the throat and neck free. As a result, it gives your dog maximum safety from the neck injury. Sometimes when you are using a collar your dog might get hurt by itself. But a harness doesn’t let it get hurt.

Discourage pulling and jumping: A harness discourages your English bulldog to jump over people and pulling backward. And if the harness is fit perfectly then you can control your stubborn bulldog also.

These are the main benefits. But still, there is some limitation. Some Bulldogs don’t like the harness. There is no general reason, but some Bulldogs show strange feelings on the harness. In that case, you can’t use a harness. You have to find out an alternative.

How to Choose The Best Harness for English Bulldog?

It’s not a rocket science. You can easily choose the best harness for English bulldog. You just have to ensure some common things i.e. size, fitness, material, finishing etc. We’ll explain all one by one.

Size and Fitting

Harness size is very important. There are a lot of variants available in the market. But you have to choose the perfect size for your English bulldog.

If you purchase a loose fitting harness, then your dog will feel very uncomfortable, and the control over the bulldog will be zero.

Harness Materials

You have to make sure the harness materials are soft but strong. A hard or rough material can damage your bulldog’s skin. Look at the edges. Make sure all the edges are smooth. If you feel the edge is sharp, don’t out it on your dog.

Besides softness, you have to make sure the harness materials are strong. Because to get control over your bulldog you need a stronger harness.

Easy to Use

The harness for English bulldog must be easy to use so that you can easily put on and off the harness to your dog.

Dog’s Health

Sometimes a bad harness can create difficulties in breathing. Or it can create skin damages. You have to make sure the harness fits perfectly on your dog’s body. And it doesn’t create breathing problem. You have to ensure that the harness is not too tight.

You can choose among various size. Because most of the harness comes with various sizes. Some harness has extra adjusting points.

Other things

You can look for these extra features in the best bulldog harness. Most harness comes with a leash. Some have extra leash too. Also, check how many leash connecting points it has.

Your Turn

Now you know how to find out the best harness for English bulldog. We also reviewed 3 best quality harnesses. So you know some best English bulldog harness as well. Now it’s your turn to choose among these harnesses.

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