3 Best Harness For English Bulldog Editor’s Review

best harness for english bulldog

A good harness can completely change your walking experience with your bulldog. The traditional way is putting a collar. Sometimes collar is harmful to dog health. Sometimes the collar demotivates your dog to follow you. To solve these problems you should use the best bulldog harness. If you choose the best harness for your bulldog then travelling with your dog will be fun and enjoyable.

Pros of Bulldog Harness

  • For specific breeds like bulldogs, harness is good.
  • Full control over your bulldog, discourage your dog to jump.
  • The harness is very effective when your dog has neck problems.
  • Keeps your dog's concentration focused
  • It's a great training tool.

Cons of Bulldog Harness

  • Sometimes dog's feelings is bad, but it's very rare
  • There are two types of harness, front clip and back clip. Sometimes back clip harness can't give you full control over the dog.

Best English Bulldog Harness

Here we'll review 3 best harness for bulldog. Our team picked these harnesses considering many metrics. As a result, you don't have to read too many useless product reviews. We sorted the best dog harnesses for you.

Dean and Tyler DT Dog Harness is our favorite choice. There are several features take this harness to the top position. This is the most simplest harness for your bulldog. You can easily put on your bulldog without any prior knowledge. 365 days a year you can use this DT dog harness. You'll find several size of the harness available in the market. So, no worry about your dog size. You can choose among extra small, small, medium a, large and extra large sizes.

Things We Like Most

  • Multi-functioning easy to use harness
  • Perfect for any size of dogs
  • Comes with 3D rings and handle
  • Easy use without prior kowledge
  • Very good for your bulldog's health

Things We Don't Like

  • It's not a breed specific harness.
  • Only black color available
Dean and Tyler Best English BullDog Harness

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How many color variation do you want for your english bulldog's harness? Julias K9 IDC Powerharness will give you maximum 16 color options to choose from. You can style your bulldog exactly what you want with this harness. 

This is a powerful harness which will discourage your bulldog from pulling. It'll give your English bulldog maximum comfort, and a great mood. It's a front clip easy to use harness. 

Julias K9 protect your dog's throat, neck from unintentional injuries. You can use this harness for neck injured bulldogs also.

It comes with an adaptive seat belt for car. So, when travelling by a car you can keep your dog safe at the backseat.

As a result, it's one of the best harness for English bulldog. 

Things We Like Most

  • Easy on and off
  • Perfect for medium size to large bulldogs
  • Give best neck and throat protection
  • Comes with an extra sit belt for car
  • Breath friendly, no skin damage
  • Heavy duty buckles
  • Side bag attachment and flashlight holder

Things We Don't Like

  • It's not a breed specific harness.
Julias K9 Power Harness for english bulldog

Buy Julias K9 JDC

It's a great harness for your English bulldog. To check prices click bellow link.

This dog harness comes with an wide variation of sizes. Starting from XX-Small size they have X-Large size too. So, you don't have to worry about your bulldog size. When it's a puppy, from then you can start using this harness.

It's an everyday use harness. Easily fit on your bulldog. Very lightweight and easy to use.

This English bulldog harness not only has many size variations but also have additional 4 adjusting points. These 4 adjustment points helps to fit the harness perfectly on your dog's body.

For your English bulldog's extra comfort the chest and belly panels are padded with foam. As a result, there is no chance to get hurt and damage skin.

There are two leash attachment points. You can choose one of these points to connect a leash considering your dog's comfort.

These are the main reason behind placing Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Harness in this top and best English bulldog harness review list.

Things We Like Most

  • Best harness for everyday use
  • Lot's of size variation
  • 4 extra adjustment points
  • Two leash attachment points

Things We Don't Like

  • It's not a breed specific harness.
Ruffwear Front Range Everyday Best English Bulldog Harness

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Harness Vs Collar

It's an ongoing debate on harness vs collar. The question is, which one is best for your dog. It's not a one line answer. Because both harness and collar are best for specific purpose. But from our research we found that harness is best for bulldogs in many angel. We'll explain why.

Comfort: Comfort of your English bulldog is always high priority. Because the mood, happiness depends on comfort. A collar is always not comfortable for your bulldog. Sometimes, by pulling your dog can get hurt on his neck when you are using a collar.

But the harness distributes the pressure through front or rear body and free throat and neck area. As a result, it minimize the possibility of getting hurt.

A harness doesn't let your dog feel bounded. It gives the dog more power and strength. A perfect harness for English bulldog can completely change your dog's mood. 

Control Over Bulldog: To gain maximum control a harness is best. Collar can't give you that level of control. The harness discourage your English bulldog to pull. You can hold the leash tight when attached to a harness. Because, no way to get hurt on collar. So, you get the full control over your dog's behavior.

It's very effective during modern training.

Safety: A harness keeps the throat and neck free. As a result, it gives your dog maximum safety from neck injury. Sometimes when you are using a collar your dog might get hurt by itself. But a harness don't let it get hurt.

Discourage pulling and jumping: A harness discourage your English bulldog to jump over people and pulling backward. And if the harness is fit perfectly then you can control your stubborn bulldog also.

These are the main benefits. But still there are some limitation. Some bulldogs don't like harness. There is no general reason, but some bulldogs show a strange feelings on harness. In that case you can't use a harness. You have to find out an alternative.

How to Choose The Best Harness for English Bulldog?

It's not a rocket science. You can easily choose the best harness for English bulldog. You just have to ensure some common things i.e. size, fitness, material, finishing etc. We'll explain all one by one.

Size and Fitting

Harness size is very important. There are lot of variants available in the market. But you have to choose the perfect size for your English bulldog.

If you purchase a loose fitting harness, then your dog will feel very uncomfortable, and the control over the bulldog will be zero.

Harness Materials

You have to make sure the harness materials are soft but strong. A hard or rough material can damage your bulldog's skin. Look at the edges. Make sure all the edges are smooth. If you feel the edge is sharp, don't out it on your dog.

Besides softness, you have to make sure the harness materials are strong. Because to get control over your bulldog you need a stronger harness.

Easy to Use

The harness for english bulldog must be easy to use so that you can easily put on and off the harness to your dog. 

Dog's Health

Sometimes a bad harness can create difficulties in breathing. Or it can create skin damages. You have to make sure the harness fits perfectly on your dog's body. And it doesn't create breathing problem. You have to ensure that the harness is not too tight.

You can choose among various size. Because, most of the harness comes with various sizes. Some harness has extra adjusting points.

Other things

You can look for these extra features in a best bulldog harness. Most harness comes with a leash. Some has extra leash too. Also check how many leash connecting points it has.

Your Turn

Now you know how to find out the best harness for english bulldog. We also reviewed 3 best quality harnesses. So you know some best english bulldog harness as well. Now it's your turn to choose among these harnesses.

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