I have seen many dog owners complain that their dogs are not listening properly. It is really a matter of disappointment that you have already invested enough effort and your valuable time. But the dog stops listening. In this situation, it is extremely hard to keep the patience. in this article, we’ll tell you 7 reasons why dog training goes wrong.

May be the dog is thinking that there are more exciting things better than listening. This is your duty to teach your dog to listen. But I have also seen some dog owners who teach their dogs to avoid them. Strange thing, isn’t it?

7 Common Reasons which make dog training difficult

  1. The number one reason is over treating. You are giving him treats for everything. You are not consistent with your command. That’s the major problem. It takes him to train the dog. So if you are not consistent, he won’t be able to listen properly. And when he doesn’t listen, you become angry. This makes the dog fearful to learn the basic commands.
  2. be consistent and clear with your pet dog. When you are giving a command, there involves melody in your voice. Thus it is difficult for the dog to understand the command. Avoid the melody and be clear and consistent.
  3. You are lacking diversity in your training methods. The diversity and variations in your training technique will give you the success.
  4. You are not avoiding distractions in the training. The dog gets distracted very easily and so it is hard for the dog to listen. If your dog is stubborn, it’s quite impossible to teach him without distractions. You will need huge time.
  5. You are blaming your dog’s age. But every dog of any age can do better and can change him. You are focusing too much on your dog’s age and not trying enough to teach him.
  6. Your dog is overly excited with the passengers.
  7. You are boring in the training session.

Make sure you did these things before you start training

  1. Make sure your dog is in good health. Most of the time food habit controls almost 90% health issues. So, ensure you are feeding non-allergic, easy to digest good foods to your dog.
  2. To control your dog you need a good leash or a perfectly fit harness. It’ll increase your confidence and you can hold the dog with control.
  3. You have tasty treats, and attractive toys to reward your dog.
  4. You have enough time to play with your dog. Remember teaching should be in a process of fun and play.

Now you can start teaching your dog. At first start with basic training, i.e. stay, sit, listen, potty training etc. Once you successfully teach these then you can start advanced level of training.

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