This is a really annoying situation if your pet dog or puppy is not listening. We are providing step by step dog basic listening training. If you follow these steps, it will be much easier for you to control your dog and will solve the listening problems.

10 Steps for Dog Basic Listening Training

  1. Build a communication with the dog: Take your time. Be patient and take your puppy. Carefully observe how much he understands. With proper training and techniques, the dogs can understand any language. Women have a sweet and soft voice and they can easily teach the dogs the listening training very well. Every time see the reaction of the dog. If you can’t understand the training method, take the suggestion from any expert dog trainer. Your commands need to be sweet and firm, not harsh. Otherwise, this is quite impossible to teach the dog and thus he won’t listen to any command from the listening training
  2. Avoid the Distraction: Most of the cases, the dogs don’t try to listen because there are too many distractions. Help your dog to keep the focus and remain responsive. You can reward the dog with mouth-watering foods. This will increase the level of motivation. If you are playing games with the dog, make sure that he is paying enough attention to you.
  3. Praising sounds: This is really harder to make. Some dog trainers use ‘’PERFECT, ALRIGHT’’ or ‘’EXCELLENT’’. But make sure to use these words only for extra-special rewards.
  4. Basic Training: When you will start teaching him the language, you need to combine your words with action. This will give the dog a clear message on what you want to say. It may be positive or negative. Call him with his name. Make sure that your dog won’t move away from you. Use simple one-word command. It will work best for him. If the dog completes any step, praise him immediately. Thus your dog will easily learn to respond the command from the owner.
  5. Location changes the behavior: Your dog may be really obedient and hear your command in your house or where you live. But if you take him outside, he will be distracted. This is a simple matter for the dogs. So he needs to be treated properly so that in every place, he will understand how to respond. You have to teach him with patience.
  6. Getting the signals crossed: Dogs are highly skilled at reading body language. Words are not sufficient to communicate with the dog. You need to teach them the meaning of every word.
  7. See the feelings: Maybe your dog is too much fearful and that’s why he is not responding well. This would be really hard for you to teach him the listening training.
  8. Control Yourself: Human has limited self-control. Your dog has limited ability to operate things. So make sure that the training sessions would be short so that the dog can easily learn the tricks.
  9. Train Quietly: Dogs have a better sense of hearing. They can hear the tiniest whispers. Don’t be too harsh in the training.
  10. Treat wisely: If you give good treats to your dog then he’ll be eager to obey commands. But make sure the food is allergy free.

Here is a nice video on how you can teach your dog to listen without treats.

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