Best Shedding Brush For English Bulldog


A bulldog doesn’t shed like other dog breeds, but yes they do shed. You hardly see any hair on the floor because bulldogs don’t shed much. But if you don’t groom your bulldog regularly then the situation could be different. Lack of care can cause of heavy shedding. So, regular grooming is mandatory i.e. bathing, brushing etc. Among these grooming methods, regular brushing can reduce shedding of your English bulldog. In this article, we’ll review some best shedding brush for English bulldog. So that, brushing your bulldog become fun and enjoyable.

A bulldog has a smooth coat. The hair size also small. So, to brush a bulldog you don’t need any special kind of brush. You can choose a simple one. But, make sure the brush is comfortable to your English/French bulldog.

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At a Glance, The Best Shedding Brushes for English Bulldog We’ll Review

Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding

Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for SheddingThis is a very simple but well-designed dog brush for removing shedding hair. This brush is perfect for the small size hair of bulldog. And bonus point is, if you have a cat in your house you can use this brush to remove it’s shedding hair too. Let’s the features this dog brush have.

Detachable 100mm anti-rust comb: There is only one comb you’ll get with this brush. The comb size is perfect for small hair. It can remove loose hair comfortably without losing the top coat. And the end result is a healthy and shiny coat. The comb is made of stainless steel, but not sharp to harm your dog’s skin.

Quick release button: To detach the comb from the brush body it has a quick release button. A gentle press on the button will easily detach the comb from the brush body. As a result, you can clean the comb after brushing your dog easily.

Nice Grip: To make the brushing session comfortable, it has an ergonomic grip. The grip is well-engineered to give maximum comfort to your hand with a tight grip.

Unbreakable Guarantee: The manufacturer is so confident that you’ll get a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the build quality. The handle is very strong. It won’t break after few days of use. You can use this brush for a long time.

Using this dog brush you can remove up to 90% of shedding fur. So, we highly recommend this best shedding brush for English bulldog.

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

This is another well-known shedding hair removal tool for dogs. FURminator deSheding brush comes with 5 different sizes and for 2 styles. For a bulldog, you need the large one. And as Bulldog hairs are not too long so, we’ll choose short-hair style too.

You can use this tool as like as a brush. It’ll go deep inside the coats and easily remove the lost undercoat hairs without hurting your bulldog’s skin.

You won’t get a chance to complain about its build quality. The strong ergonomic handle has a better grip. And the comb is attached perfectly at the top of the handle. It’ll give you the ultimate comfort when grooming your dog.

It has a top button to eject the comb from the handle. The manufacturer called it FURejector button. It’ll help you to clean the hairs from comb easily detaching from the handle.

HappyDogz Pet Grooming Shedding Brush

How long can a dog shedding brush last you think? 3/4/5 years? Don’t be surprised, you’ll get a 10 years money back guarantee from HappyDogz for their HappyDogz Pet Grooming Shedding Brush. The build quality is superb, that’s why you get a 10 years manufacturer warranty.

It’s 4 inches wide comb is perfect grooming medium and large breeds of dogs. The comb is designed perfectly so that, dogs never get hurt by the comb. The handle is a little flat in the middle which makes it little ugly to look but it fits perfectly in the palm. The handle is covered with rubber to ensure a perfect grip.

Unfortunately, this HappyDogz shedding brush missing the eject button at the top. Which means you can’t detach the comb from the body. But the design of this shedding brush is little different. The comb is attached with a curved top. Which creates a separation between the body and comb. So, cleaning is easy too without detaching the comb.

So, overall it’s a nice shedding brush for English Bulldogs.

DakPets Pet Grooming Brush

Dakpets claims this is the number 1 pet shedding brush on Amazon. The huge numbers of positive reviews indicate that this is another best shedding brush for English bulldog.

The build quality and design are good. You don’t get a money back guarantee as like as HappyDogz shedding brush. But that doesn’t mean it’s a poor quality dog shedding brush. This small tool is strong enough to help you groom your dog for a long time.

DakPets pet grooming brush has a detachable comb. The handle doesn’t have an ergonomic design. But it’s not uncomfortable. The rubber cover over handle helps to have a strong grip on it.

The comb is also designed carefully so that your bulldog’s skin is safe from scratches. So, we recommend this dog grooming brush for English bulldog too.


We reviewed 4 popular shedding brush for English bulldog. Each one has similarities and differences. But, they are all very good in removing lost hair from your bulldog’s undercoat. So, you can pick any of the shedding brush above and groom your dog for a shiny top coat.

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