Although potty training for an older dog is not that much difficult, few people really scare about it. But the real fact is, if you can adopt an older dog, it will take less time than the younger dogs and would be easier to train your older dog.

Always remember that the older dogs which are newly adopted may be perplexed with their new environment. And the new owners and the dog may not be interacting very well. That would be the reason – you have to arrange a potty training for your older dog.

But if the dog owners are patient and careful, it would be very easy to train your older dog.

Environment of Older Dog Potty Training

You should not punish your older pet dog at the early stage when training starts. You should love him and make the environment-friendly for him. He doesn’t have the knowledge of potty training because nobody trained him about that before. There are no shortcuts of potty training a dog. You have to teach him efficiently.

Before you start the training, you need to make sure that your older dog is not facing any physical problem. It is totally impossible to potty train an older dog if he is fighting with illness. So arrange a complete checkup with your veterinarian.

Potty training an older dog has the same method as potty training a puppy. Always keep in mind that you need to do lots of cleaning. You have to clean the solid areas diligently with the help of enzymatic cleaner. This liquid cleaner will help to eliminate the bad smells from the area.

How many times needed for Older Dog Potty Training

In starting, we have said that potty training an older dog is not so hard. But always you have to remember that you have to keep patience and this potty training can take time up to 1 year. You have to teach the older dog about what is right before you can correct him about the wrong. First, few week is very important for better training. Devote at least 4 weeks to ensure that he is more likely not making any mistakes.

4 Elements of successful Older Dog Potty Training

potty train your older dogTo make a potty training successful, there required these four elements- Praise, Confinement, Training and timing. Praise:You have to praise your dog when the training goes. If he fulfills some goals, praise him. This will encourage him to do better.

Praise: You have to praise your dog when the training goes. If he fulfills some goals, praise him. This will encourage him to do better.

Confinement: This is the most critical steps in potty training older dog. To confine your dog, you need to have a good crate or cage. Make sure that the crate or cage would be big enough for your dog. You also can use a good bulldog harness too. You have to make sure your dog is comfortable with the harness and you have better control over your dog using that harness.

Training and Timing: Winter is the best time to potty training older dog. When you potty train your older dog, praise him. Give him treat after the pee. This will make him more motivated to do better.

Few Steps for Older Dog Toilet training

It will be much easier to train an older dog properly if you can follow below steps properly.

Restricting the Freedom: You have to restrict the place where your older dog moves around. This minimizes the chance of the dog urinating in a place. Put the potty paper and put a fence around and so the dog would be unable to move everywhere. Make the place large enough so it would not be like a jail and so the dog can have some fun too. You can take the dog inside but you need to remember that the area is their home for that training period.

Wet the Potty: You need to keep some of the urine of the dog on the paper and give it to smell. It will give him the clear idea where he should urinate.

One Place, One Potty: Older dog potty training may seem really difficult at the beginning, but never set up multiple potty areas. You may hope that the dog will use at least one of the areas, but that is totally wrong. It will make your dog really confused and it will fail to learn the toilet training properly.

Reward the good behavior: You need to reward your dog for the behavior. This is really important. It will make them more motivated and much happier than before to perform better. You have to reward the dog every time it uses the potty.
Be patient: Please do not get angry with your dog. At the beginning, it will urinate in the wrong area. Just simply say ‘’NO’’and it will help him to walk to his potty area.

Making a potty journal: It will help your older dog to urinate after eating. So it is really easy for you to understand his habits and you can train him better than before.

You have to give minimum ten minutes to urinate. It takes time. If he doesn’t want to go, then take him back to his area and try after twenty minutes later. Repeat this again and again. Don’t play with your older dog until he urinates. After he urinates, praise him, treat him and give him a reward.

Final Words

If you can follow above discussed steps, your older dog will be habituated with your home condition. And this is the goal you want to achieve. So stay cool, patient, consistent

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